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How to Configure FP 2000 Server Extensions Manually

If you are using our old control Panel and need to install FrontPage Server Extensions manually on a domain, please follow these directions:

1) Choose to FrontPage Enable the web site when setting it up using the control panel

2) Login to the machine using Terminal Services Client

3) Open the "Internet Services Manager" from Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools

4) Right click on the site you would like to install FP on and go to Properties

5) Click on the "Directory Security"’ tab

6) Click the "Edit" button under "Anonymous Access…"

7) Click the "Edit" button under "Anonymous Access …"

8) Append "_fp" to the username already in the "Username" field. For example, if the current username is "testsite", set the new username to be "testsite_fp" and then click OK

9) Click OK 2 or 3 more times to get back to the main screen in the ISM

10) Right click on the site and select "All Tasks -> Configure Server Extensions

11) Click "Next" button the wizard the pops up

12) Uncheck the "Create local machine groups" checkbox

13) Click "Next"

14) Enter the master FTP user as the web administrator

15) Click Next

16) Enter "mail.domain.com" (where domain.com is the domain name of the site you are configured FrontPage on) in the SMTP server entry

17) Click Next

18) Click Finish I know these directions may seem lengthy, but after you go through the process a few times, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

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